About FlexFiit NYC

About Us

FlexFiiT is a local Astoria, Queens gym that specializes in high intensity circuit training.

We’re located on 31st Street right off the intersection with Astoria Blvd near the N and W trains.

We consider ourselves to be an elite, boutique gym experience that is much different than your typical big box gyms. We pride ourselves on our mission statement:

At FlexFiiT, we are dedicated to improving your fitness and helping you improve your life. We aim to create an environment that allows you to accomplish your health and fitness goals, regardless of where you may be in your journey. We are committed to providing value through quality coaching, a great training atmosphere, and top-notch workouts. We want you to train hard, have fun, and get the results you deserve.

Our studio boasts outstanding equipment including:

  • Concept2 rowers and air resistance bikes that will challenge your cardiovascular strength and endurance
  • TRX suspension trainers, dumbbells, kettlebells, and medicine balls to keep our training functional and constantly varied.
  • Plyo Boxes for plyometric training, gym mirror, and more!

We’re always working to upgrade our facilities, equipment, and gym environment. We also are very concerned about our members’ safety. We take pandemic precautions very seriously. That includes complying with state and local laws and regulations, following social distancing protocols/sanitization, and offering outdoor or virtual training whenever possible.

Our Team

Meet our instructors.

Ashley D.

Ashley’s favorite part of fitness is the people. With a background in theatre, and throughout her theatrical career, fitness has always been a major influence in her life. In 2015, Ashley was introduced to functional fitness and became a CrossFit Level One Trainer, drawn in by the perfect combination of community and exercise. While continuing to work on Broadway and touring, she started coaching HIIT classes as well, hoping to bring the techniques and strength components of weightlifting to a more user friendly space. Her main goal is to teach clients that it’s not about what your body looks like, but finding out truly what it is capable of.